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We design and create broadloom carpet and carpet tiles that transform spaces into places where it’s pleasant to live and work. We innovate to offer inspiring, comfortable and sustainable flooring solutions for the residential markets.


Wide range of broadloom carpets in polypropylene, polyamide, polyester and wool for residential and commercial use.

Carpet tiles

Extensive variety of luxury carpet tiles that are easy to install, move and replace.

Balta stories: find inspiration… like our designers do

There is a story behind each one of our floors. Curious about where our designers get their inspiration, or about which new collections and trends are coming your way? Or are you just looking for practical tips to install or maintain your floors more easily? Our stories offer something for everyone.

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About Balta Carpets

Balta carpets develops carpet tiles for residential use, as well as tufted, woven and non-woven broadloom carpets for residential, commercial and event applications. Our colours, styling and features always meet the needs of each project and customer: we deliver any volume of state-of-the-art carpets across a broad range of entry to premium solutions.