Product Design


Balta broadloom and carpet tiles are designed, developed and created by a team of textile engineers collaborating with designers that translate the latest trends into beautiful patterns, structures and colours – including yarn, cloth and backing material.


To ensure that our offering aligns with the latest trends and meets the needs of our different customers, our design team continuously introduces new designs and colours that highlight different visual concepts.

Our designers are deeply passionate about visual art, finding their inspiration in the latest trends in fashion and interior design. Day in and day out, they strive to create flooring solutions that embody the structures, colours and styles featured by design platforms, shows and trend leaders that spark their imagination. They bring these translations to our engineers in the lab, who ensure that every visual and tactile element of the design offers the very best performance and production feasibility.


We strive to offer ever-better products, both functionally and aesthetically. In line with this goal, our focus lies 100% on the needs of our customers and markets.

As a flooring company that puts innovation first, our priorities are to continuously challenge the aesthetic and functional capabilities of textile flooring, while focusing strongly on making our products, and our production processes ever more sustainable.


Tufted carpet is made of 5 separate layers, as the yarn clusters, or tufts, are anchored in a primary backing material. The primary backing secures the tufts and ensures the dimensional stability of the carpet.

In woven carpet, yarns are interwoven with each other, forming a stable grid-like structure.

The secondary backing as well as the latex finish – two layers for tufted carpet, one layer of latex compound for woven - adds durability to your carpet. In addition, the backing offers sound insulation and thermal stability, and allows for even easier installation. Learn more about all 7 of our backing materials in polyester, polypropylene and PET.



Texflor back

This 100%-polyester backing is a budget friendly concept and comes with an eco certificate

Ultratex back

A premium 100%-polyester felt backing with an eco certificate, the perfect fit for luxury projects.

Super back

This backing adds volume and a cushioning effect as well as better insulation that can replace underlay in residential projects. It is made of 100% polyester, of which 70% is rPET. Available on demand.

Action back

A woven polypropylene backing for projects with and fire-resistance requirements.

Looper back

A new, innovative 100%-polypropylene backing with an eco certificate, ideal for luxury projects.

Twin back

This backing combines felt and Action back, for projects prioritising comfort as well as fire resistance.

Power back

A high-level, heavy felt backing for commercial projects with high acoustic and insulation properties that can replace underlay. Available on demand.


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