Looper back – 100% focus on recycling

Looper back - comfort for you and for the planet! Balta believes that focussing on sustainability is the only way forward. Every product development is carefully considered concerning its social, environmental and economic impacts.

“Balta had a huge amount of waste each year – waste that could serve as resource. That is why we looked to recover waste and transform it into new yarn for Looper back. A successful project that turned into reality and enables us to recycle 1500 tons of waste every year – and even more in the future. “ – Glenn, production manager Balta.

100% focus on recycling

Balta strives to maximize recovery of recyclables and create value from waste by developing sustainable solutions.

1500 tons less PP waste per year

Looper back allows to reduce PP waste by 1500 tons per year – a figure expected to be much higher in the years to come.

Reducing the environmental footprint

The recycled polypropylene resin for Looper back is produced by a low impact manufacturing that reduces the environmental footprint with more than 70%.

100% locally sourced

The polypropylene material used to produce Looper back is made from 100% locally sourced material coming directly from recycled waste collected in the Belgium Balta factories, all situated in the region of Flanders within a radius of ca. 25 km.